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Misty/Kicks pups born October 12, 2003  

This is the Misty/Kicks puppies at almost 5 years of age. Pictured here is Loyal Spirit's Holly Dolly JS-N RS-N, 
Loyal Spirit's Premier Ace NA OAJ RN CGC AKC Pointed ASCA RS-O JS-E GS-O ASCA Altered Pointed, and 
Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky NA JS-N JJ-N RS-N DNA-VP.  Missing from the photo is Loyal Spirit's Misty Rain.

photo by 2MC Design

Leb Raah Misty Blue CD/CD RS-N GS-N JS-E OA OAJ NAC CGC DNA-CP (laying down on the straw) with some of her kids who competed at the ASCA Nationals 2006. Misty has had two litters of Loyal Spirit Puppies, one from ASCA CH Countrywoods on a Jazz Kick DNA-CP (Kicks puppies are the 3 black tris in the back) and one litter from Spring Fever's Walk About OTDd STDsc JHDs HS DNA-CP (Walker puppies the red merle, blue merle, and red tri). 

Front row: Lana Singleton, Loyal Spirit Sedona Sunset BOBp, Leb Raah Misty Blue CD/CD RS-N GS-N JS-E OA OAJ NAC CGC DNA-CP, UAGI Loyal Spirit's Windwalker CD NA ASCA Major Pointed, Legs in UKC and AKC Agility, Kallie Bontrager. 

Row 2: Audrey Carter, Loyal Spirit Be My Glory, Lance Singleton, Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N NA DNA-VP, Loyal Spirit's Holly Dolly JS-N, Loyal Spirit's Premier Ace NA OAJ CGC AKC Pointed, ASCA RS-N, and Dawn Williams. 

  Misty/Kicks Offspring
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Misty/Walker Puppies Born 4-20-2005
Puppies eye cerfs all clear/no notations 6-9-05

Misty/Walker Babies at 3 years old. This group has 41 Titles and counting.......

Misty/Walker Offspring
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We have puppy breath! 
The Misty/Mac puppies arrived on October 28th 
...pictured from left to right: BMF, RMF, BMF, RMM, BMF

Misty/Mac Puppies born 10-28-07 
Eye Cerf Exam scheduled for 12-13-07
see the pups

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