Loyal Spirit's Make Some Noise

Hannah is Lanae's dog and although she is a bit quirky at times she is one of the most talented young Loyal Spirit Dogs that I have had the pleasure of raising. She is very confident in her world and thinks she was put here to protect her girl, Lanae. Hannah is cute and put together very nicely. She is an efficient mover and truly could work all day. In my mind, Hannah is downright brilliant, so very easily trained, a ton of drive, and even though she can have a bit of an attitude...she is very biddable. Her obedience, agility, and stock training is going splendid. Every day this pup amazes me with something she learns or picks up. She has versatility written all over her! Lanae and her will have some fun in the future no doubt. She gets along well with all our other dogs here but we have noticed she definitely has some dominant type tendencies. She doesn't want the other dogs even looking at *her sheep* and if another dog comes up to get some love from Lanae she throws herself between the other dog and her girl. Oddly all of our dogs seem to respect her and she is only 1! She is a typical aussie with aussie *tude.* We adore her and are so glad we choose to keep this one after all.
Loyal Spirit Make Some Noise AKA Hannah (age 7 months) and Lanae (age 9) 
went to the Marshall County 4-H Dog Match in 1A Obedience. 
There were 18 exhibitors from 8 counties. Lanae and Hannah won their class!

Lanae and Hannah...*two peas in a pod* at Kentucky Horse Park on Family Vacation July 2008.

Here is Hannah a few days shy of her 1st Birthday. 
This young gal has talent galore at whatever you ask her to do...Love this pup!

Lanae and her two sidekicks Faith and Hannah, 
also in the January/February 2009 Issue of the Aussie Times
Multi BOB ASCA CH Perennial 
Ironman of Los Suenos 

Red C/W AS-18423G46M-PI F=14.00%
E115425 DL87786101
WTCH Ch Jan-Mar Tuxedo Junction CD RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-7892G25M F=11.04%
E57806 DL43523503
Ch Toppers Mickey the Shenanigan CD STDcds
E39840 DL40167201
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Copper Canyons Red Flannel CD STDc
Summer Wishes of Windermere CD DNA-CP
E36265 DL40172801
WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
Ch Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD STDcs OTDd
Sandyacres Maid In America
Blue C/W RF AS-13524G25F-T F=14.08%
Ch Wilmeths Flashman DNA-CP
E66689 DL51042803
Ch Levi Dockers of Heatherhill
Tres Rios Ivory Rose
Ch Terylyns Ode To Joy
E57932 DL46218101
Ch Red Banks Paradise of Trueluc CD STDds
Ch Carousel Aims To Please
Leb Raah Misty Blue

Blue AS-18192G25F-PI F=7.63%
Leb Raah Lil Boy Blue
Blue C/W AS-11480G24M F=4.29%
Ch Obsessions Deutschemark
E69918 DL51421202
Sienas Teddy Bear of Riveroaks
Sienas Fancy Free
Leb Raah Clarks Blue Tango
E58115 DL56979101
Leb Raah Rock Solid
Truelucs Hot Tip of Tristar
Ch Legends Crystal Blu Persuasion DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-12300G24F-T F=8.87%
E86808 DL65397902
Ch Zuzaxs Coupzax DNA-CP
E59376 DL46152205
Ch Sand Canyons Coup De Main CD
Ch Zuzaxs O Say Can You See Me
Wilmeths Shes Dee Phoebe DNA-CP
E56551 DL41143304
Ch Gold Nuggets New Generation
Ch Starswepts Shes A Doll
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