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Lanae and Lane with our red merle girls Hannah (Misty/Mac) and Sedona (Misty/Walker) 
on Family Vacation at the Kentucky Horse Park in July of 2008.
Bottom from Left to Right (The Boys): Loyal Spirit Bigger Than Us, Loyal Spirit's Top Gun CGC, Loyal Spirit's Lone Star AX AXJ CGC JS-O RS-N NAC NJC NCC, Loyal Spirit's Premier Ace NA OAJ RN CGC AKC Pt. ASCA RS-O JS-E GS-O, Alt. Pointed. Top Left to Right (The Girls): UAGII UCD UCH Loyal Spirit's Windwalker CGC OA OAJ NF ASCA CD RS-N JS-O ASCA Major Pointed, Loyal Spirit Sedona Sunset CGC ASCA JS-N, (THE MOMMA DOG) Leb Raah Misty Blue CD/CD RS-O GS-N JS-E OA OAJ NAC NJC TN-N CGC ROM P1 Dam DNA-CP, and Loyal Spirit Be My Glory OA AXJ JS-O GS-N CGC

photo by 2MC Design
Lanae (age 7) and Alt-Ch Leb Raah Faith Girl CD CGC 
at the ASCA Nationals 2006

photo by 2MC Design
Lane (age 13) and Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N NA DNA-VP
 (A Misty/Kicks daughter) at the ASCA 2006 Nationals.

Photo by 2MC Design
Lanae (age 7) and Lane (age 13) bringing home some loot  from the 
ASCA Nationals 2006 with their dogs,
ALT-CH Leb Raah Faith Girl CD CGC and 
Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N NA DNA-VP

Loyal Spirit - The name came from the fact that our whole family, Lance, Lana, Lane, and Lanae all start with the Letter "L" and our Last Name- Singleton starts with "S." We wanted a play on LS that would describe a characteristic of this wonderful breed of dog fondly called the "Aussie." What better description than "Loyal Spirit?" Anyone who has ever owned or been owned by an Aussie knows the loyalty of this breed.  I can't imagine my life without an Aussie in it. They are loyal, loving, intelligent, and athletic…and most importantly family members who will forever leave footprints on your heart. We, as a family, enjoy showing and competing with our dogs in many different venues

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