Leb Raah Misty Blue CD/CD CGC OA OAJ RS-O JS-E GS-N NAC DNA-CP AKC ROM 1 P Dam (pending)
 Multi BOB ASCA CH Perennial Ironman of Los Suenos ASCA/AKC CD NA OAJ RS-O GS-O JS-E DNA-VP AKC Major Pointed 

Loyal Spirit Aussies 
presents a very exciting litter born October 28, 2007:

let the fun begin!!

Here are the Misty/Mac puppies at 10 1/2 months. Pictured from left to right: Loyal Spirit's Old Blue Jeans CGC, 
Loyal Spirit's True Friend, Loyal Spirit's Make Some Noise, and Loyal Spirit's Bigger Than Us. 
(AKA Libby, Miley, Hannah, and Remmer)...Missing from this picture is sister Loyal Spirit's One In A Million (Lily).

These adorable babies are out of 
(Multi BOB ASCA CH Perennial Ironman of Los Suenos ASCA/AKC CD NAJ RS-N JS-O DNA-VP AKC Major Pointed 
and Winner of the ASCA National Conformation Invitational 2005 in Georgia) 
Photo by Booth Photography
Mac is featured in the March/April 2006 Issue of the Aussie Times Page 4 
Mac is the Winner of the ASCA National Conformation Invitational held in Georgia in 2005

(Leb Raah Misty Blue CD/CD RS-O GS-N JS-E OA OAJ NAC CGC DNA-CP AKC ROM 1 Performance Dam (pending)

This beautiful girl is Montana at 6 weeks.
Montana is a intelligent little gal with a pleasant attitude.
 She is the "thinker" of the group.

Montana at 8 weeks. 

Montana will now take on the call name "Libby" and her registered name will be Loyal Spirit's Old Blue Jeans. She has gone to live with the Stockberger's (Brian, Kelly, and Makayla) and big 1/2 brother Rascal (Loyal Spirit Wild Tumbleweed) from the Misty/Walker Cross. 

Libby will be doing obedience and agility but most importantly be a loved and cherished family member of the Stockbergers.

Here are the Stockbergers with their new bundle of joy, Libby.

Loyal Spirit Wild Tumbleweed NJP *RASCAL* (Misty/Walker) and 
Loyal Spirit's Old Blue Jeans (pending) *LIBBY* (Misty/Mac) and their girl Makayla with Mr. Snowman!

Miley at 7 weeks

Miley (Loyal Spirit's True Friend) will be staying here at Loyal Spirit. 
She is a beautiful little wigglebutt with a sweet personality. Check back often to watch this little gal grow up.

Hannah at 25 days of age

Hannah has the most amazing personality; she is confident, outgoing, adventuresome, and loveable.

This is Lily at 6 weeks. She is adorable and sweet. 
She gets the "zoomies" and is definitely the spontaneous puppy of the group.
This is Lily at 8 weeks. Her call name will remain Lily. She is at home, in Ohio, with her new family, the Palmers (Deniese and Perry). Her registered name will be Loyal Spirit's One In A Million. Lily will be Deniese's shadow and constant companion. Deniese will do obedience with her and I am sure Lily will talk her into playing that *agility game* at some point ;-)))

Red Merle Male at 21 days and Lane

This is Jackson at 6 weeks. Jackson is like a teddy bear. 
He is handsome and sweet, and has very strong toy drive. He is a mama's boy!

Jackson at 7 weeks

Here is Jackson (Now Remer) with his new mom, Stephany at 8 weeks.   His registered name will be Loyal Spirit's Bigger Than Us. Remer has joined 1/2 sister Rain (Loyal Spirit's Misty Rain) out of the Misty/Kicks litter. His new mama is Stephany O'Dell, who has many big plans for this fella which include Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Altered Conformation.


Loyal Spirit Bigger Than Us (Owned By Steph O'Dell) doing awesome for his first time on sheep.
He kept them together and stayed calm...Good Boy Remmer!

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