Western Hills Johnny B. Goode 

INTRODUCING ....Western Hills Johnny B. Goode (Better Known As Rodeo):

Western Hills Johnny B. Goode also now known as "Rodeo" at 5 weeks. 
He is a Hayden (NATCH Roanoaks N Cahoots Reinflame OTDdsc, JHD, AX, OAJ, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E, TG-E, O-TN-E, WV-E, DNA-VP) X Mattie (CH Western Hills Shutterbug Los Suenos) son and is one of the *Beatle Babies.* 
Photo by 2MC Design

Rodeo (better known at the time as John) at 5 weeks. 
Picture by 2MC Design

Look at that sneaky grin (we may have our hands full with this one) ;-)))
photo by 2MC Design

Rodeo has a delightful personality and is very fun-loving. He is very interested in the sheep and ducks and likes playing agility. Rodeo enjoys playing fetch, and terrorizing the other dogs. He loves his squeak toys and tries to carry as many around as possible. He has an infatuation with one of Lanae's Barbie dolls. He is fearless. He is confident...and he thinks the world revolves around him. He runs up to any new person like they are a long lost friend...he tugs on pant legs, unties shoelaces as you are walking, and landscapes our back yard on a regular basis. He can be sweet, although most of the time "ornery" is his middle name. This puppy reminds me so much of my first aussie, Las Rocosa Sadie Lynn (Shiloh X Sadie Blue). Rodeo is ornery like she was. He has grown so fast that he is definitely going thru the ganglies right now. Rodeo is very intelligent and you can see the wheels turning. He is quite a thinker and problem solver. He makes us laugh out loud on a regular basis, he is a joy and we are so thankful to Heidi Mobley (Western Hills Aussies) for letting this character come live in Indiana. I am so looking forward to our many adventures.

Lance and Rodeo (Hayden/Mattie son) working sheep.

Although Rodeo doesn't have a down...he does have a stop. 
Here Daddy is reinforcing the good stop Rodeo had.

Good Boy Rodeo!
Photo by Heidi Mobley 2MC Design

Western Hills Johnny B. Goode
Photo by John Beals
Western Hills Johnny B. Goode (Hayden/Mattie son) takes his first 4 point Major 
going Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed under Judge Marsha Shivley with Lance showing him.

Western Hills Johnny B. Goode (Hayden/Mattie son) better known as the Rodeo Clown. 
Photo by Heidi Mobley 2MC Design

Date of Birth 1/2/2007

Red Tri

22 60 lbs

Eyes Cleared (No Notations) 2/19/20

 Cerf # AS-9707/201038

Full Dentition

Scissors Bite


Roanoaks N Cahoots Reinflame STDdsc RS-E GS-E JS-E DNA-VP
Red Merle C/W AS-19669G25M-PI F=2.62%
E123708 DN00921010
Crown Point Red Rodeo Ray CDX GS-O JS-E RS-E DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-11846G24M-T F=27.09%
E80948 DL63486102
WTCH Crown Point Ace of Spades RTDcs PATDcs DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-6293G24M F=19.06%
E49384 DL50593003
Crown Point Kemo Sabe
E30457 A73763-8887
Crown Point Kk Khyan
E32144 DL50709701
Crown Point Wild Flower
Blue C/W RF AS-8830G25F F=17.15%
E63395 DL50616902
WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP
E49383 DL50593002
Crownpoint Brandy Lee
E36280 DL57874401
Charismas Rei of Son DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W AS-10430G24F F=26.72%
E73748 DL56439802
Charismas Show Stopper
Blue RF AS-8083G24M F=14.35%
E64521 DL54375301
Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross
E31919 DL40388101
Christmas Jewel of Starcross
Charismas Red Hot
Red F=15.64%
Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross
E31919 DL40388101
Little Tuff Stuff of Starcross
E30630 DL47039501
ASCA/UKC C Western Hills Shutterbug Los Suenos Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving STDd DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-15724E25M-PI F=11.14%
E101104 DL77601904 1068358
Ch Carolinas Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-12409G25M-T F=17.99%
E85219 DL66169101
Ch Calais Outaoptions of Carolina STDs DNA-CP
E61612 DL47958004
Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina
E40932 DL44084801
Ch Friends Angel
Red Merle C/W AS-11272E38F F=15.03%
E70977 DL54516405
Ch The Man From Heatherhill
E54314 DL42601103
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
E48435 DL49879401
Ch Private Stocs Maclovia DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-10921G27F-T F=8.86%
E73123 DL57494101
Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Blue C/W AS-4676G24M F=9.94%
E35214 DL40019801
Ch Tri-bar Macon Whoopie
Windhills Rise & Shine
Private Stocs Manzanita OTDc STDds DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W AS-7525G24F F=7.29%
E56649 DL46747201
Ch Parkhills Arrogant Dutchman
E45544 DL45986701
Pamelas Manchada Rio Rojo DNA-CP
E47257 DL46420501

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