Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky NA JS-N JJ-N RS-N DNA-VP


Raven .....
8 times out in 4 to 6 month puppy class - 
8 class wins with 3 BOPp.


photo credit: John Beals

Raven is our son Lane's dog. I am not certain if she understands she belongs to him or if she thinks he belongs to her. You see...Raven thinks EVERYTHING is about her. She is a beautiful girl and knows it. She simply thinks that she is pretty darned important. She has confidence galore and recently her and Lane started her agility training. She has picked up it very quickly and is just downright fast! Watch for this team in agility.

**See UPDATES page for Raven's accomplishments at Nationals.

Photo by Dynamic Dog Photos Trista Hidalgo
Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N DNA-VP and Lane...a great team in the making!!! 

Photo by Dynamic Dog Photos Trista Hidalgo
Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N DNA-VP and Lane 
competing at the 2006 ASCA Nationals in Wisconsin.

Photo by Pet Personalities

Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky NA JJ-N DNA-VP and Lane

Photo by Dynamic Dog Photos Trista Hidalgo
Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N NA DNA-VP lovin' her agility!


Photo by 2MC Design
Lane and Loyal Spirit's Raven Sky JJ-N NA DNA-VP at the Nationals Agility Trial got 3rd in Round 1 Novice B (Jr), got 3rd in Novice Gamblers (Jr), 2nd in Novice Jumpers (Jr), and they got 1st Place in Round 2 Novice B Standard Agility (Jr). 

Photo Credit:  John Beals

Photo by John Beals  

Eyes CERF'd clear ( no notations) July 27, 2006 (# AS-8016/2006--33)
19.5 inches
44 lbs.

Spayed December 2008 Watch for this beautiful girl in the Altered Conformation Ring and Agility in the coming months!

Loyal Spirits Raven Sky NA JS-N JJ-N RS-N DNA-VP
Black  C/W F=11.07% F E130784 DN05528203 10/12/2003

Ch Countrywoods On A Jazz Kick
Black C/W AS-17320G40M-PI F=22.73%
E108612 P331-367
Bootez Kit Cloud Kicker
Blue C/W AS-8662E28M F=19.19%
E60923 AY084716
Ch Countrywoods Copper Bottomed
E26565 DL51758701 1044274
Ch Tymbr of Happy Days STDd
Pineview Magic Maggie STDd
Ch Starstruck Surprise Sir Prize
E25792 1048911
Ch Showtimes Sir Prize CD
Ch Ferncroft Butterflies Are Free CD
Wildpines All Jazzed Up
Black C/W AS-9654G37F F=17.18%
E78457 DL49702707
Ch Sundew Stormyblus of Wildpine
E41660 DL48857501
Ch Bayshores Virginia Gentleman
Carbon Copy of Windermere
Cjrs Wildpine Special
E43458 DL49534101
Ch Countrywoods Copper Bottomed
Cjr' Secretsabrina of Wildpine
Blue AS-18192G25F-PI F=6.28%
Leb Raah LIL Boy Blue
Blue C/W AS-11480G24M F=3.08%
Ch Obsessions Deutschemark
E69918 DL51421202
Sienas Teddy Bear of Riveroaks
Sienas Fancy Free
Leb Raah Clarks Blue Tango
E58115 DL56979101
Leb Raah Rock Solid
Truelucs Hot Tip of Tristar
Ch Legends Crystal Blu Persuasion DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-12300G24F-T F=8.94%
E86808 DL65397902
HOF Ch Zuzaxs Coupzax DNA-CP
E59376 DL46152205
Ch Sand Canyons Coup De Main CD
Ch Zuzaxs O Say Can You See Me
HOF Wilmeths Shes Dee Phoebe DNA-CP
E56551 DL41143304
Ch Gold Nuggets New Generation
Ch Starswepts Shes A Doll


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