Sheep and Ducks

We have St Croix and Dorper Hair Sheep. 
We have Indian Runner and Khaki ducks as well as some Indian Runner/Khaki Crosses.

Loyal Spirit's Bigger Than Us (Remmer) a Misty/Mac son working sheep for the 1st time. 
He is 10 1/2 months old here.

UAGII UCD UCH Loyal Spirit's Windwalker CGC CD OA OAJ NF ASCA CD RS-N JS-O ASCA Major Pointed 
shows her skill when Simon (the sheep) decides to split from the group and Windy answers with an "I Don't Think So Buddie."

Loyal Spirit's Top Gun CGC (Gunner) working on his downs.

Loyal Spirit's Lone Star AX AXJ JS-O RS-N NAC NJC NCC on sheep.

Loyal Spirit Be My Glory OA AXJ JJ-O GJ-O CGC DNA-VP (Owned by Dawn Williams) 
doing a great time on the sheep for her second time!

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